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Before Me and After My Time – Collaboration

These past two weeks I’ve been working with artist Angelo Bellebono on his project, Before me and After My Time. His work explores “belonging, identity, transformation and the changing nature of things.” The project began in 2014 when Angelo started working with the Lenape Tribe, who were the original inhabitants of New York. He drew a natural connection between his previous residence in Morrocco and Appalachian mountains, that were once connected as Pangea. When I first met Angelo, he had invited me to come with him to collect the soil from the Lenape’s historical home located in Inwood Hill Park, where the Native American caves can still be found today.

I created this video as a compilation following Angelo’s process in creating the mural for the Lenape Tribe. Other photo and video contributions are credited to Carla Ciatto and Lucy Rovetto.

To see more of his work, you can check out his page here:

Rubin Museum of Art




During college I had the opportunity to work with the Rubin Museum of Art’s digital team. Located in Chelsea NYC, The Rubin promotes the art and culture of the Himalayas. My reel shows excerpts from some of the projects I worked on. The introduction are some bloopers from the introductions we filmed for the Rubin’s artist talk series, Brain Waves and Red Book and Talks About Nothing. I edited the film from the series with including the introduction for artists including Laurie Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Fiona Shaw, and Bill Viola.

Casting the Divine was a video displaying the museum’s 5th floor Nyingjei Lam Collection. This was the first time the works have been shown together, and the collector requested a video. We were also experimenting to see if we could create similar videos with curator commentary. These videos could be available for people who could not see RMA’s exhibitions in person. I worked on the photography, and video editing from start to end.

I worked on two other smaller projects at the RMA. The museum held an exhibition about Homai Vyarawalla, India’s first woman photo journalist. We created a promotional video where I helped to shoot footage in our studio of curator commentary, and subtitles. I also did the photography for their Verbal Description Demonstration Video. A new project was being developed to provide a verbal description of works for visually impaired patrons.

To learn more about the museum please visit

The Sonic Room 9.19.2015

The Sonic Room is a little pocket of light, in this industrial concrete city. It’s like your inner child hunting fireflies in the grass on dark summer nights. It’s a door into another world that celebrates expression, provokes your curiosity and marvels in creativity. This is a ‘secret show’, but I use the term sparingly, since it is not exclusive. All are welcome, even encouraged. Just wholesome good hearted people. It is hosted in someone’s living room or back yard and the location is different every time. All we know is the day announced early in the month, and that it will be in Brooklyn — somewhere.

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