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Most of my work has focused on travel photography, people and more recently events. Having my camera around appeases my curiosity, and to pursuit instinct during an inexplicably compelling moment. I enjoy feeling like a child again when I am in new environments, or even nervousness creating excitement. My camera is there to help me to re-examine those moments of discovery.

Images from the  Travel collection come from various cities including Kyoto, Tokyo, Prague, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Berlin, New York, Calpe and Rome.

I selected my favorite photos of People, doing various things in various places. Distance, but it’s my obscure definition of portraiture

And Events. Mostly shows, and otherwise self explanatory.



The Sonic Room 9.19.2015

The Sonic Room is a little pocket of light, in this industrial concrete city. It’s like your inner child hunting fireflies in the grass on dark summer nights. It’s a door into another world that celebrates expression, provokes your curiosity and marvels in creativity. This is a ‘secret show’, but I use the term sparingly, since it is not exclusive. All are welcome, even encouraged. Just wholesome good hearted people. It is hosted in someone’s living room or back yard and the location is different every time. All we know is the day announced early in the month, and that it will be in Brooklyn — somewhere.

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Ghana Think Tank App – Solutions Designer

Ghana Think Tank Online

For the past two years, I have been working with Ghana Think Tank as their Solutions Designer. I’m excited to say Ghana Think Tank App (GTTA) has now launched in Europe. GTTA seeks to reverse the global power dynamic between ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries, in other words ‘Developing the First World’. Problems are collected from people living in developed countries and sent to think tanks in developing countries come up with solutions. Problems have been collected from around the world including USA, Germany, UK. Solutions have been submitted from the ‘developing world’ such as Iran, Ghana, Mexico, and El Salvador. These solutions are then are carried out in communities where the problem originated.

You can read an interview by FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) Liverpool for more about the project.

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