Before Me and After My Time – Collaboration

These past two weeks I’ve been working with artist Angelo Bellebono on his project, Before me and After My Time. His work explores “belonging, identity, transformation and the changing nature of things.” The project began in 2014 when Angelo started working with the Lenape Tribe, who were the original inhabitants of New York. He drew a natural connection between his previous residence in Morrocco and Appalachian mountains, that were once connected as Pangea. When I first met Angelo, he had invited me to come with him to collect the soil from the Lenape’s historical home located in Inwood Hill Park, where the Native American caves can still be found today.

I created this video as a compilation following Angelo’s process in creating the mural for the Lenape Tribe. Other photo and video contributions are credited to Carla Ciatto and Lucy Rovetto.

To see more of his work, you can check out his page here: