Travel – People – Events Most of my work has focused on travel photography, people and more recently events. Having my camera around appeases my curiosity, and to pursuit instinct during an inexplicably compelling moment. I enjoy feeling like a child again when I…


The Sonic Room 9.19.2015

The Sonic Room is a little pocket of light, in this industrial concrete city. It’s like your inner child hunting fireflies in the grass on dark summer nights. It’s a door into another world that celebrates expression, provokes your curiosity and…


Ghana Think Tank App – Solutions Designer

Ghana Think Tank Online For the past two years, I have been working with Ghana Think Tank as their Solutions Designer. I’m excited to say Ghana Think Tank App (GTTA) has now launched in Europe. GTTA seeks to reverse the…


Japan 2016 – Now

On March 24, 2016 at 6am, I jumped off the plane at Haneda airport in Tokyo with no job, alone and with no friends and I barely spoke any Japanese. My luggage was lost somewhere in Beijing and I…


Gallery Exhibition: In Case of Emergency

Three hand stitched hoods adorn mannequin heads that align the stairway at HERE‘s gallery space. The Japanese patchwork textiles are vibrant, and welcome visitors to the exhibition. They are designed with blocks of brightly colored pink, orange, and red floral…


Before Me and After My Time – Collaboration

These past two weeks I’ve been working with artist Angelo Bellebono on his project, Before me and After My Time. His work explores “belonging, identity, transformation and the changing nature of things.” The project began in 2014 when Angelo…